It’s lonely on top,

wearing 20 hats.


Mastermind events for the owners of small businesses, to help improve your business, reduce your stress and bring back some of the enjoyment you initially set up your business for.


Running your own business is great, but sometimes feels lonely.

Who will give you unbiased, honest, practical feedback?

When did you last stop and think through, let alone talk through your firm’s future?

In fact, who will even listen to you, that has a clue what you’re on about? Not your staff, competitors or even your spouse!

Networking meetings just don’t have the time, or the right people.


20 hats?

Well, how many are you wearing?

Do you have a marketing hat, a finance hat, a ‘being the boss’ hat…….

I bet you’re not just doing what you’re good at, the reason you set your business up.

Why should you be expected to be good at marketing, strategy, finance, pricing, and all those other things; they are not why you started your business.

Peer group learning for business owners


Top Hat Dinners – a mastermind group for small business owners.

Monthly meetings, over a nice relaxed three course dinner create the space to talk. The meetings are confidential, non-competitive, challenging and supportive.

Guests say they love getting new ideas for their business, but like helping others just as much.

It gives you the chance to reflect and learn about yourself and your business.

Help deal with the fact that you have to wear all those hats.